Snowman’s Oil & Soil offers a Furnace Protection Plan which covers many aspects of your Furnace and prevents costly repairs in the dead of winter.  A Master burner technician performs a 25 point inspection along with an annual cleaning. After the inspection, most typical furnace repairs are covered. Typical plans start at $230 per year. More information regarding this Plan can be obtained by contacting the office @ (207) 938-4528. 

Our PLANS & Services


Service Protection plan 

Service Rate

nights , Weekends, & Holidays


Snowman’s Oil & Soil makes Automatic deliveries on a three (3) week Regular Run cycle.  Your account is assigned a zone number based on your town and location.  Deliveries are made to your zone once every three (3) weeks or every six (6) weeks depending on your fuel use.  If you are an On-Call account, feel free to contact the office @ 938-4528 to find out the Regular Run date in your area.  *On-Call deliveries of 100 gallons or more can usually be worked in within 24 hours.  *All account balances must be paid in full to avoid delays in deliveries. Our minimum delivery is 50 gallons with a $25 charge for deliveries under 100 gallons off the Regular Run.  We do not deliver less than 50 gallons off the Regular Run.    *See Delivery Charges

PRICE PLANS and discounts

Service rate

Monday – Friday 

(fuel customer's rate)

10 Day Cash Discount

A discount of 10 cents per gallon on each fuel delivery when you pay within ten (10) days of the delivery date.

​Fixed Price/Prepay
A minimum of 400 gallons is required as well as prepayment.

Budget Payment Plan
this option is an estimate based on gallons used in the previous year. Monthly payments are sent in throughout the year building a credit on your account for fuel deliveries.  This option is very helpful during the winter months.

​*Payments can be made to your account without being a Budget Plan customer.

Minimum Delivery           100 Gallons

Under 100 Gallons
(this applies to off the Regular Run Deliveries)

Same Day Delivery
(this applies to off the Regular Run Deliveries)

After Hours Delivery-$85  

Mon-Fri after 4:00 p.m   
Saturday and Sunday

Save by being set up for auto deliveries.